Italian Fashion Designer Alberta Ferretti

She is an Italian fashion designer, she has her showroom in Milan Italy, and she is the top leading dressmaker of Italy and now she too much famous among all the females and they try to wear her dresses it is considered that her dresses are of best quality and everyone try to wear her dresses which is much difficult to choose the glorious one among all of her dresses because they all are fully designed and perfectly established among all the fashion designers. Not to worry her she introduce seasonal dresses at every occasion, so this is the reason that everyone like to wear her dresses.

First, she opened a very small boutique which was named as Jolly, and it was placed in Cattolica, she works hard to achieve her goal as a fashion designer. It was 1968 when she opens her boutique; in 1973 she launched her first collection. Here she got a lot of fame among the world with her top leading fashion dresses and her dresses were liked by the most of the girls who want to get dresses for the purpose of fashion shows and the teen and college girls also start visiting her boutique to get latest dresses to have charming look.

Italian Fashion

In 1998 she initialized her American freestanding store in SoHo, it was the biggest achievement for her, and then she starts promoting the newest fans towards her. People start joining her fashion shows and fashion weeks as the important part of their life, sudden she earns a lot of fame for her dresses designing and now in 2011 her dresses were worn by the girls as catwalk in the show of Brendan in Barcelona. She is still famous for her designs like draping and tucking techniques.

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